Avionics Technician

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Job Description:

Our company is located in a university town in north Florida, surrounded by rural agriculture and horse farms.  The maintenance shop is part of the FBO, and the FBO includes a charter department with 7 Citations, an Eclipse jet, and two Cirrus pistons.  We have a few other Eclipse jet customers as well.  We have a long relationship with Cirrus Aircraft, and our maintenance shop may become a Cirrus Jet service center in the near future.  Our maintenance shop recently became an authorize Garmin dealer, and we are seeking to increase our Garmin business.

Our maintenance shop is very strong in the areas of engine maintenance, both jet and piston, as well as regular A&P work and inspections.  But our maintenance shop is seeking to expand our Avionics shop by adding an experienced, trained technician from outside the company.  We want our avionics shop to develop expertise in the latest equipment, as well as have a better capability to troubleshoot complex wiring problems.  You should be the kind of person who enjoys tinkering with problems and troubleshooting older installations, as well as be the kind of person who enjoys replacing older equipment with newer avionics packages.  As an avionics specialist, we will also rely on your knowledge and expertise to help us occasionally troubleshoot general wiring problems, such as pitot static air data computer calibrations.

Position Overview
Should have experience installing many types of avionics from major manufacturers, and should be able to work efficiently. Must be able to perform all stages of installation, including planning, recommending equipment, wire integration, and testing systems post-installation.  Eventually we would like you to interact some with customers to promote products, and we may offer a sales incentive for this additional activity.
Job Requirements:
•High School Diploma or GED
•Minimum three (3) years avionics installation experience
•Ability to read and interpret blueprints and schematic diagrams
•Knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements and customer specifications
•Computer skills and general software knowledge necessary
•Must pass airport background check
•2+ years of avionics installation experience on aircraft that range from high-performance single engine to mid-sized jets.
•Must be able to individually, without assistance, remove existing avionics and install new major manufacturers equipment (Garmin, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins) in a variety of airframes.
•Must be able to conduct and interpret functional tests of avionics/electrical systems in accordance with blueprints, worksheets, manufacturers installation manuals and engineering drawings.
•Must have experience in troubleshooting avionics systems.
•Experience installing cabin entertainment systems and WiFi systems is a plus.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: call to discuss
Travel: None