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Job Description:

LifeStyle Aviation is a leading provider of new and used modern personal, business and training aircraft. The company is a top Diamond Distributor in the US and sells aircraft worldwide. LifeStyle Aviation is celebrating its 10th year anniversary and is actively seeking to grow its sales team and continue the company’s leadership position.
LifeStyle Aviation is looking to expand its sales staff with the selective addition of successful sales talent. Due to our counselor approach to helping people find the ideal aircraft for their needs we refer to our sales staff as Aircraft Counselors.  This opportunity is presented with two candidate types in mind and multiple positions. The first candidates we are seeking is someone that is a proven sales talent with clear success in sales that wants to leverage their love of aviation and flying into a lucrative new career direction. This person will need to possess a clear sales track record and at minimum a Private Pilot Certificate. The position for this candidate will be based in Raleigh NC at the company’s headquarters. Training and learning opportunities, as well as pilot advancement, will be part of the development path for this entry-level position. This position will work in the main office with our team of sales and admin staff.
The company is also seeking seasoned successful aircraft sales talent that is ready for a new growth opportunity. The ideal candidates will be those that can illustrate they have been successful selling aircraft currently or in the recent past and can be based potentially where they are now or where the company may see the most opportunity for growth.
These opportunities offer a base salary and significant commission potential for successful performers. The market for the products LifeStyle offers is currently strong and candidates will be entering the opportunity at an ideal time.
Job Requirements:

Both opportunities require candidates to possess high levels of responsibility, integrity, honesty, energy, drive and strong English communications skills, written and verbal. A broad knowledge of general aviation is expected. Though candidates will have certain flying duties related to aircraft sales, this is not a job for pilots looking to build time to move on to flying jobs. All candidates that have the goal of being professional pilots as their career path are specifically requested not to apply. The candidates that will fit best with the company’s goals are those that are sales professionals first and pilots second. The company will help candidates obtain ratings and experience needed to be successful in the role.
Again there or multiple opportunities and some are based at KRDU and others can be in locations around the country including the North East, South Central and West.
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Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: neg
Travel: 20-50%