Mark DeSimone


A&P, Pilot

Houston , TX

Mark A. DeSimone 917-346-7613

August 2016- Present – Instructor- Department of Homeland Security/Center for Domestic Preparedness
Instructor for numerous law enforcement preparedness courses focusing on Counterterrorism
tactics and response protocols. Courses focus on CBRNE response techniques and protective
measures for first responders. Courses include HazMat training for law enforcement, law
enforcement response actions, law enforcement protective measures and HazMat investigation
courses. Students are comprised of first responders from around the United States and its
territories. All courses are FEMA certified and adhere to national protocols on safety and training.
May 2013-September 2016 – Counter terrorism Instructor NYPD
Perform as a specialized instructor in Counterterrorism tactics and mitigation to include but not
limited to Rad/Nuc instruction, PRD instruction, Explosive Trace instruction, Hostile Surveillance
instruction, Active Shooter mitigation instruction, Critical Infrastructure Protection instruction and
CBRNE event mitigation instruction. Attend and deliver numerous courses on Counterterrorism
tactics. Certified HazMat technician. Certified Radiation Worker. NYS certified instructor,
Department of Homeland Security certified instructor. Currently applied and waiting to receive a
New York State Blaster Cert. (Explosives License)
Qualified to teach:
 Explosive Recognition and Trace Element
 PRD ( Personal Radiation Detector)
 Hostile Surveillance Detection
 Active Shooter Mitigation
 Behavioral Observation and Suspicious
Activity Recognition
 Radiation and Nuclear Awareness
 Hazardous Materials Response
 ERG ( Emergency Responders Guide) use.
(developed course and course materials)
 Counter Terrorism Awareness for Law
Enforcement Professional
July 2011-May 2013- Counterterrorism Officer NYPD
Graduate of the NYPD Counterterrorism Officers course with specialties in Behavioral Observation and
Analysis, Maritime Infrastructure protection, Suicide bomber detection and mitigation, VBIED interdiction,
Radiation detection and mitigation, Explosive Trace Detection and explosives recognition, HME ( Home
Made Explosives ) recognition. Daily duties included but not limited to protection of extremely high value
targets for terrorism and critical infrastructure.
 Trained in Heavy Weapons M4 and Mini14 rifles
 Attended CTOS Train the Trainer for PRD, Las Vegas (2013)
 Attended NMT explosives recognition and mitigation school, New Mexico (2012)
 Attended numerous HazMat schools to include HazMat tech, HazMat Crime Scene Investigator,
HazMat Evidence Collection and COBRA Train the Trainer, Alabama CDP (2010, 2011)


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Police Officer at NYPD

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